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Case Studies

China F&B Machinery Strategy

The client is a leading global technology solutions provider to high-value segments of the food processing and air transportation industries.

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The majority of client's product&solution is sold to the new factory market (the CAPEX market) in various/different industry market segment. The issue of CAPEX market is it changes every year. Therefore, the client would like to to know which industry market segments have good size CAPEX for them to leverage to create business growth in this year


Leverage Solidiance China CAPEX database (Chinese Government Source) as well as external market in-depth interviews.


Solidiance suggested to not only look into the CAPEX opportunity but also look into 1) client's relative competitiveness in each segment, and 2) client's internal market segments resources investment status to have more completed checking angles to decide the final resource allocation plan.

Engagement ROI

Solidiance proved to the client that the market segments that successfully helped the client to grow revenue would not be very helpful to contribute to this year's sales target. The client needs to shift their 50% resources to more lucrative industry segments. This finding helped the client to 1) avoid a lot unnecessary resource investment 2) and enhanced their country market resource allocation ROI.