The Rise of Myanmar’s Automotive Aftermarket

Date :
  • April 2015

Following the ease of car import regulations, Myanmar’s automotive aftermarket is undergoing an impressive growth phase. However, the majority of passenger and commercial cars in circulation are second-hand, creating higher demand for spare parts and after-sales services. Myanmar’s automotive aftermarket remains price sensitive and is dominated by more than 20 Asian brands, with particular preference for Japanese products mainly due to its “quality and affordable” perception in the market. This white paper highlights the growth of the industry upon the ease of car import regulations, followed by both available and upcoming opportunities for investors in the market, as well as the projection of the future growth across the supply chain.

This white paper aims to address these main questions :

  • 01. What is the impact of ease of car import regulations to Myanmar's automotive aftermarket?
  • 02. How is the situation of Myanmar's aftermarket industry?
  • 03. As the automotive aftermarket is set for strong growth, what are the opportunities?

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