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Case Studies

Private Hospital Market Entry in Yangon and Financial Valuation

The client is a Japanese hospital looking to establish its presence in Myanmar.

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The client has two hospitals, one dermatology clinic, one nursing home and Day Care in Japan as well as a clinic in Thailand. With limited growth opportunities in the Japanese healthcare market, the client was looking to establish a hospital in the underpenetrated Myanmar market serving high-quality Japanese care to middle – high-income population and wanted to understand the opportunity as well as potential returns


Solidiance has placed a team of two Burmese consultants, one Thai Consultant and one Manager on this project. The team conducted detailed interviews with multiple stakeholders comprising the Ministry of Health, local and Thai hospitals, doctors, nurses, translators in Thai Hospitals, local Burmese administrative and hospital support staff to gain a comprehensive understanding of patients preferences, expectations, key treatments, charges and costs as an input for the market and financial model as well as the market entry strategy.


Solidiance estimated the target addressable market based on a detailed study of comparable top 3 hospitals in Yangon as well as the Top 3 hospitals in Bangkok which receive substantial volumes of outbound Burmese patients for 6 key departments. Further insights on fees, opex and capex were evaluated and plugged into a comprehensive market and financial model to determine project feasibility and returns in terms of NPV, IRR and payback period. Variations of potential inpatient and outpatient market shares, depending on competition and location, addressable market growth, inflation as well as no. of beds were applied for a detailed scenario analysis to visualize and quantify the impact of all possible outcomes. A range of criteria shortlisted based on relevance to the hospital for demographic and geographical attractiveness was also applied to a weighted model to identify potential locations for the hospital with clear rankings and rationale.

Engagement ROI

Based on our study, the client and the local partner were able to shortlist a location for establishing the hospital at a favorable cost and use our study to also approach potential investors for the project, proceeding into advance discussions stage. Our study has enabled the client to accelerate their market entry and they aim to start construction in 2018 with the hospital launch scheduled by 2020.