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Case Studies

New Product Assessment in Diagnostic Test

The client is a subsidiary of a global healthcare company specialized in biotechnology area - developing biomarkers for the diagnosis, treatment and therapeutic management of severe, life-threatening diseases.

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The client had a new product for sepsis diagnosis and wanted to roll it out aggressively in China. Management needed insight into the environment for sepsis diagnosis and treatment in China in order to design a go-to-market strategy to increase the understanding, acceptance and total demand of its test.


Our team conducted probing interviews at leading Chinese hospitals in multiple departments to probe key issues around sepsis testing. We have evaluated multiple issues which could affect client’s go-to-market strategy, including how ICU and emergency departments are managed, what are the key factors to doctors such as cost, efficacy, time, etc., understand sepsis diagnosis practices/habits, experience with client’s test specifically, profitability and reimbursement issues, level of support, training, etc.


Solidance provided the solution in a form of a complete assessment of sepsis environment including competing tests, decision process and barriers to entry.

Engagement ROI

Solidiance made recommendations to enhance the adoption of client’s test approach and defined who are the key influencers that had to be addressed. We have also provided ingredients to shape a specific marketing strategy to accelerate growth. Based on our strategic recommendation, client established direct sales network nationwide.