Digitization in the Lubricant Industry

Date :
  • September 2017

Profound change is underway in the lubricants market, from the transformation of the customers to the changes in the business models. Digitization is providing new opportunities to lubricant businesses to access customers, to manage supply chains, to create customer relationships, and to get smarter. In this white paper we analyzed these disruptive challenges in the lubricant market and proposed ways lubricant businesses could stay ahead of their competitors, adapting to a digital economy that has the power to transform how the lubricants business is done.

This white paper aims to address these main questions :

  • 01. How lubricant companies will be able to transform their business to digital?
  • 02. What digital strategy works the most in lubricant business?
  • 03. What are digital opportunities available in lubricant industry?

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